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Our team of clinicians, researchers, trainees, and stakeholders are working together to shed light on the emotional struggles related to infertility.  
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Dr. Jennifer Gordon (she/her)

Director of the

Reproductive Mental Health Research Unit

Dr. Gordon is a Clinical Psychologist, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Regina, and a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Canada Research Chair in Reproductive Mental Health. Her work is dedicated to advancing the identification, prevention, and treatment of mental health conditions disproportionately affecting women and individuals assigned female at birth. 

A list of Jennifer's publications can be found on Google Scholar

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Ashley Balsom (she/her)

Doctoral Student

Ms. Balsom is interested in exploring evidence-based interventions adapted for women experiencing infertility, exploring women's coping and resiliency when experiencing infertility, and the influence of infertility on sexual function. She is dedicated to exploring not only the impact of reproductive experiences on genders experiencing marginalization but also identifying protective and resiliency factors. Ms. Balsom is currently a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral fellow.  

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Megan Poulter (she/her)

Masters Student

Starting in September 2024, Megan (she/her) will be in the first year of her PhD in Clinical Psychology. Her research focuses primarily on reproductive psychology, an area of research and practice dedicated to promoting mental health and well-being throughout the family planning and reproductive decision-making process. 

     For her Master's thesis, Megan conducted a randomized controlled trial exploring the effect of a short-term cognitive-behavioural intervention on mental health outcomes, quality of life, and relationship satisfaction in adults assigned female at birth and experiencing infertility. She plans to expand on this work in her PhD, by further exploring the family planning experiences of gender- and sexually-diverse individuals.

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Taryn Wahl (they/she/he)

Honours Student

Taryn (they/she/he) recently completed an honours project within the lab exploring sexual and relationship satisfaction among individuals with infertility. They are interested in reproductive health care experiences, community-based research, sexuality, and relationships. Thanks to the University of Regina Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' Undergraduate Research Award, Taryn is currently a research assistant for the Coping With Infertility randomized clinical trial. 

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Sarah Gulash (she/her)

Research Coordinator

Sarah (she/her) is the Research Coordinator for the Reproductive Mental Health Research Unit. She previously assisted with the pilot study of the Coping with Infertility Program and a study assessing the efficacy of the Ten Things Not to Say to Someone Struggling with Infertility video. She is currently assisting with data collection for the randomized clinical trial of the Coping with Infertility Self-Help Program.


Sarah is passionate about reproductive health and improving the well-being of those experiencing infertility.

Meet The Patient-Partners

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Are you interested in contributing to our research as a patient partner?

We include individuals who have experience with infertility on our research team to guide our research questions and provide important feedback on our work. We are always on the look for new people to join our team. If you are interested, leave us a message using the form below.

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